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Omron Walking style X Pocket Pedometer (HJ304e)
The NEW stylish and very sleek Omron Walking Style X pedometer utilises 3D acceleration sensor technology. The Omron Walking Style X can measure the intenisty and amount of exercise from your walking, in addition to measuring the number of steps and the number of calories burnt.
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Sorry Sold Out...forever! Omron have deleted this model. We can't believe it either - we thought it was their best pedometer they made! Very sad that it is no more!

This is an excellent pedometer! It uses METs to calculate your intensity and provides a far more accuarate calorie burn then many other pedometers, as well as providing a daily exercise goal.Omron Walking Style X pedometer with METs Indicator

Its stylish and very sleek and comes with a detachable waistclip.

It's the ideal companion for planning an exercise program based on the intensity and amount tof activity. Its easy to set up and very easy to use . However you will need to understand how METS and Exercise units work to get the full use from the pedometer

Be sure to download this very informative amd useful 2 page brochure - it will explain everything you need to know about METs and this amazing pedometer!

How to exercise with Walking Style X Pedometer
'How to exercise with the Walking Style X pedometer'
 Brochure - 600 kb (2 pages) - download here>>


Features of the Omron walking Style X Pedometer (HJ304e)

Fits and works accurately in front pockets, purses/bags, on the waist or around the neck.

  • STEP COUNTER: Counts the number of steps taken while walking or jogging up to 99,999 Steps
  • EXERCISE STEPS: Only counts steps of 3 METs or more
  • WALKING INTENSITY (METs) INDICATOR: Displays the intensity of the last 1 minute's walk (2 to 4 METs)
  • EXERCISE REMAINING FOR THE WEEK: Displays the remaining exercise units required to reach the weekly traget
  • TRIP/EVENT METER: Measures particular events/trips
  • DISTANCE: Measures the distance covered while walking or jogging up to 999km
  • CALORIES: 0 - 99,999
  • 7 DAYS MEMORY: Records the number of steps and calorie consumption up to 7 days ago
  • CLOCK: 24 hour system clock
  • DUAL DISPLAY: Wide and easy to read LCD
  • 6 DIGIT: Display up to 1 million steps
  • Battery CR2032 - lifespan 6 months, battery easily replaced.

Free pedometer safety strap and step log
Free with pedometer.Pedometer safety strap and 10,000 steps a day log

FREE with the Omron Walking Style X Pedometer

  • Free Pedometer safety strap (saves your pedometer from falling off your waist)
  • Discount voucher for WalkingwithAttitude.com. An online step tracking site, offering fun themed walking challenges and 10,000 step walking programs
  • 4 page 10,000 steps per day log - bursting with pedometer tips to increase daily steps, easy to use 12 week step log, how to measure stride length and how to wear your pedometer.

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We offer bulk pricing on the Omron HJ304e Pocket pedometer for your workplace, corporate, school or community 10,000 steps a day walking program.
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Lost your Pedometer instructions?
Please note: All Omron pedometers come with pedometer instructions. However if you did misplace it we have the Omron HJ304E Pocket pedometer instructions available here.
Go to Pedometer Instructions download page

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